Safe LNG bunker operations

Ports may minimize the risks associated with LNG bunker operations not only by enforcement of legislation on an operational level, but also on the levels of allocation and system safety. This may be effectuated by safety arrangements on the basis of port byelaws in the following way:

  • Allocation: based on national legislation and risk analyses, a port may determine where in the port area LNG bunker activities are permitted, taking into account, among other things, external safety, nautical safety, spatial planning, etc.
  • System safety: this ensures that responsibilities of the bunker facility operator (BFO) are clearly defined and that at the front end careful consideration is given to the way LNG bunker operations are organized in a safe manner.
  • Operational safety: this ensures that, during bunker operations, the required operational bunker checks are carried out and that people work and report in accordance with the procedures established for that purpose.

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