LNG as shipping fuel in the Port of Rotterdam

The port of Rotterdam is the first port in Europe that has incorporated LNG bunkering for inland ships into its laws and regulations. Inland ships are bunkered with LNG since 2011. Not surprising, since the Port of Rotterdam Authority views LNG as an important element in achieving sustainable shipping. The port of Rotterdam with its extensive hinterland serves as an example for the rest of Europe.

Trucks can load LNG and ships can unload and load LNG in Rotterdam at the Gate terminal. Regulations for ship to ship LNG bunkering will be established in July 2014. In 2015 there will be LNG bunker vessels operational in Rotterdam for bunkering seagoing vessels.

As of 2015 the shipping industry must comply with stricter emission standards. Some ships are investing in methods that clean their exhaust gases. By investing in LNG you avoid undesirable emissions. An additional benefit is that clean, LNG propelled ships require less maintenance. It is for good reasons that the Port authority and its partners are the initiators of various incentives programmes designed to support the shipping industry in the changeover to a cleaner future. Furthermore the Port of Rotterdam Authority remains a key discussion partner in this respect and a connecting factor between science, government organisations and the business sector.

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