LNG as shipping fuel in the Port of Antwerp

The Port of Antwerp is the 5th largest bunker port of conventional fuels in the world. We have the ambition to transform the port into a Multi Fuel Port by integrating LNG, methanol, hydrogen and electrical power into our bunker market by 2025. To that end, we will tackle various challenges from our four roles:

* Landlord: we provide space for the development of bunkering infrastructure and give discounts on port dues for clean ships;

* Regulator: we provide a port safety management framework for safe and efficient bunkering operations, for which we use instruments like the Clean Marine Fuels Audit Tool (IAPH) and an LNG bunker map;

* Operator: we operate a fleet of 19 harbour tugs. All of them run on diesel, but we’ll walk the talk by retrofitting one to methanol and put into use a new one on hydrogen;

* Community builder: we provide a platform for connecting all kinds of players in the value chain.

Our vision and mission are extensively elaborated on this link, where you will also find an overview of all rules, regulations and operational procedures for bunkering of clean marine fuels in the Port of Antwerp.