LNG as shipping fuel in the Ports of HAROPA

HAROPA (ports of Le HAvre, ROuen and PAris) and partners, ‘Ports Normands Associés’ (PNA: port of Caen-Ouistreham and Cherbourg) and the Port of Dieppe constitute the # 1 multipurpose port system at the western entrance to the SECA zone in the English Channel North sea, that is, the first ports capable of receiving any type of vessels entering west of the SECA.

Being capable of offering the vessels entering or sailing the SECA bunkering solutions of LNG becomes a strategic challenge for all the ports of the Seine valley and bay.

The three ports of HAROPA, the ports of Cherbourg and Caen-Ouistreham, the Port of Dieppe and the port authority of Fécamp and le Tréport have initiated a cooperative approach which will group together the institutional stakeholders, in order to succeed in carrying out a joint project consisting in:

  • Taking stock and studying LNG likely to be used by sea and river transport as well as the relevant bunkering techniques,
  • Guaranteeing to the various stakeholders the possibility to fuel vessels and barges with LNG, by adjusting the local regulations of ports for transport and handling of dangerous goods; guaranteeing transport and ship bunkering in full safety owing to well-tried and clearly defined and controlled risks,
  • Studying and proposing scenarios for the supply, distribution and storage being coherent at the scale of ports as a whole and adapted to each of them, in order to meet the future requirements of ships and barges in the port sites of the Seine valley and bay.

Our objectives aim to offer maritime and river shipping companies, inland carriers usually going to the ports of the Seine valley and bay, an LNG bunkering solution corresponding to their needs in optimal operational and safety conditions, while improving air quality for eco-friendly and sustainable local development.

For more information click here http://www.haropaports.com/fr/le-havre or contact:

Nicolas CHERVY, Deputy Harbour Master, Safety, DG and Bulk Dept
Capitainerie, Terre-Plein de La Barre, CS81413, 76067 LE HAVRE
Phone : (33)
Mail to : nicolas.chervy@havre-port.fr