Port Endeavor

Port Endeavor is an exciting and engaging business game created by the IAPH to educate port professionals on sustainability and the application of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the ports industry.

As a participant, you’ll assume the part of a port executive in a fictional environment and collaborate with your team to create the most sustainable port. To reach your goal, you’ll have to make smart choices and implement as many of the UN SDGs as you can, earning recognition through the World Port Sustainability Program (WPSP) Badges.

Whether you’re the head of the port, a sustainability director, or any other key leader, you’ll need to make challenging calls about the initiatives your port will undertake to become more sustainable, all while working within a budget, keeping costs low and taking the SDGs into account.

Can you rise to the challenge and outshine the competition to become the most sustainable port in the group?

Port Endeavor draws on real life examples from the hundreds of projects in the WPSP database and best practices on how ports integrate the UN SDGs into their business models and operations.

Invented by IAPH, Port Endeavor was co-developed as a triple venture with UNCTAD TrainForTrade, and APEC, the training arm of the Port of Antwerp-Bruges International.

Port Endeavor has been played by over 1,000 port professionals from all five continents – would you like to join them?

If you are interested in organizing a Port Endeavor gameplay session for your own organisation, please contact us for more information by filling in the form below.

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