Ports of Bremerhaven and Bremen

The twin ports of Bremen cover terminals in Bremen and Bremerhaven. The seaport Bremerhaven handles containers, cars, refrigerated fruit and wind farm components, while Bremen-City specialises in conventional break bulk and heavy-lift cargo.

By signing the World Ports Climate Declaration in 2008 the Ports of Bremen committed themselves to contribute to the improvement of air quality.

On adopting its ‘greenports’ philosophy the port management decided to support the establishment of LNG as an alternative marine fuel. LNG as fuel in the port’s own fleet.

In addition to facilitating shore side infrastructure BREMENPORTS, the port’s infrastructure management company, is going to demonstrate the technical, operational and economic feasibility by equipping its newest hopper barge with LNG fuelled engines. This hopper barge, which will be the first marine vehicle of its kind world-wide, will be used for the transportation of dredging materials in the port areas and on the river Weser; by 2020 BREMENPORTS plans to have its entire hopper barge fleet powered by LNG.

LNG bunkering facilities planned

Depots for marine fuels and gasoline exist in both port locations. Both operators – Bomin Linde LNG in Bremerhaven and HGM Energy in Bremen – are pursuing the construction of small-scale LNG storage and bunkering facilities.

The planned terminals would be able to receive from as well as supply ships and trucks.


The Harbour Master specified preliminary safety regulations for bunker procedures and terminal filling itself, as it is the authority responsible for regulating the handling of dangerous goods in the Ports of Bremen. Special permits will be granted in the beginning, until the port regulations are amended. The objective is to allow bunkering of LNG at all berths.

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