LNG as a shipping fuel in Port of Yokohama

Port of Yokohama, one of the biggest ports in Japan, is conveniently located at the entrance of Tokyo Bay, geographically, it serves as the first port of W/B and last port of E/B on Asian side of trans-pacific services.

The port has 5 major complexes to accommodate various cargo including containers, break bulks, dry bulks, automobiles and LNG, etc. in addition, port of Yokohama is also one of the major ports for I/B and O/B passengers of cruise lines.

Port of Yokohama offers discount on port dues to those vessels which are considered as Eco-ship according to either IAPH Environmental Ship Index(ESI) or certification of Green Award Foundation.

In terms of LNG bunkering promotion, port of Yokohama has been leading the whole nation. Since August 2015, Truck to Ship LNG bunkering operation has been conducting for tug boat “Sakigake”, the first LNG-Fueled vessel in Japan.

In order to be ready for Ship to Ship operation in 2020, Yokohama Kawasaki International Port Corporation (YKIP), the managing entity of port of Yokohama, has been working on the feasibility study with 2 other partners, and will form a joint venture to build and run the first LNG bunkering barge in Tokyo bay by 2020.

YKIP is keen on international cooperation on further LNG bunkering promotion.

For more information, contact:

Sakura Kuma
Executive Director, Marketing & Sales
Yokohama-Kawasaki International Port