Our Mission

As the IAPH Clean Marine Fuels Working Group, we aim to offer ship owners as broad a spectrum of alternative fuels as possible in order to improve air quality and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in and around ports and harbours.

Who we are

We are an IAPH network of Port Authority engineers who have acquired unique insights into alternative clean marine fuels by taking international standards on alternative fuels and applying them in practice for bunkering at ports.

We involve standards agencies, industry associations, classification societies, oil majors, terminals, bunker operators and ship owners in this process.

As the IAPH Clean Marine Fuels Working Group, we create practical tools for ports that facilitate safe and efficient bunker operations in ports for all existing and upcoming clean marine fuels.

About the participating IAPH members

Alternative bunker fuels for seagoing and inland shipping are already available at several IAPH ports. Many other ports are planning to implement bunkering infrastructure for different low and zero carbon fuels in the upcoming years. The current situation and the planned developments are described for each participating member ports in the section links below.