In this section , the original reports researched by the WG4 members are published.

The sources are clearly indicated, with all rights reserved to the authors and publishers of these reports.

The files are listed here in alphabetical order ,
and can also be sourced by the links in the excel sheet on the front page of this portal

ABS_2020_Pathways to sustainable shipping (report)

Balcombe et al._2019_How to decarbonise international shipping (report)

CE_Delft_2020_Availability and costs of LBM and LSM (report)

Department for Transport_2019_Clean Maritime Plan (report)

DNV GL_2016 Handbook maritime offshore battery systems (report)

DNV GL_2018_Assessment of selected alternative fuels and tech (report)

DNV GL_2019_Comparison of alternative marine fuels (report)

DNV-GL_2019_Maritime forecast to 2050-Energy transition Outlook 2019 (report)

EDF and RICARDO_2019_Sailing on solar (report)

EDF_2018_Alternative fuels (report)

ETIP_2017_Factsheet marine biofuels (report)

ICCT_2020 The climate implications of LNG as a marine fuel (report)

ICCT_2020_Refueling assessment of a ZE container corridor (report)

IMO 2016 Methanol as marine fuel (report)

IRENA_2019_Navigating the way to a renewable future (report)

Karatzos et al._2014_The Potential and Challenges of Drop-in Biofuels (report)

Lloyd’s Register_2019_Safety for the use of ZE fuels and tech (report)

Lloyds Register and UMAS_2018_ZESs_What needs to be done (report)

Lloyds Register and UMAS_2019_Zero emission vessels transition pathways (report)

Lloyds Register_2016_Low carbon pathways 2050 (report)

Lloyds Register_2019_Fuel production cost estimates and assumptions (report)

MARIKO et al_2018_Perspectives for the use of hydrogen (report)

Methanol Institute_2017_Methanol safe handling manual (report)

Methanol Institute_2018_Renewable methanol report (report)

MKC TNO and TU Delft_2018_Methanol as an alternative fuel for vessels (report)

NH3 Fuel Conference_2018_Ammonia as marine fuel (report)

SEA LNG_2018_Why LNG represents a bridge of pragmatism (report)

SINTEF_2019_Inc. use of LNG might not reduce maritime GHG emissions (report)

SSI_2019_The role of sust.biofuels in decarb. of shipping (report)

T&E_2018_Roadmap to decarbonising European shipping (report)

thinkstep_2019_Addendum life cycle GHG emission study (report)

thinkstep_2019_Life cycle GHG emission study on LNG – Executive summary (report)

thinkstep_2019_Life cycle GHG emission study on LNG – Final report (report)

TU DELFT_2019_thesis_Safe and effective application of ammonia (report)