Using a common template, over thirty reports on sustainable fuels have been researched, reviewed and categorized by the WG4 team , with the aim of providing an accurate library of expert documents that can be cross referenced.

The reviews are listed here in alphabetical order ,
and can also be sourced by the links in the excel sheet on the front page of this portal

ABS_2020_Pathways to sustainable shipping

Balcombe et al. _2019_How to decarbonise international shippingCE

Delft_2020_Availability and costs of LBM and LSM

Department for Transport_2019_Clean Maritime Plan

DNV GL_2016_Handbook for maritime and offshore battery systems

DNV GL_2018_ Assessment of selected alternative fuels and technologies

DNV GL_2019_Comparison of alternative marine fuels

DNV-GL_2019_Maritime forecast to 2050-Energy transition Outlook 2019

EDF and RICARDO_2019_Sailing on solar

EDF_2018_Alternative fuels

ETIP_2017_Factsheet marine biofuels

ICCT_2020 The climate implications of LNG as a marine fuel

ICCT_2020_Refueling assessment of a ZE container corridor

IMO 2016 Methanol as marine fuel

IRENA_2019_Navigating the way to a renewable future

Karatzos et al._2014_The Potential and Challenges of Drop-in Biofuels

Lloyds Register and UMAS_2018_ZESs_What needs to be done

Lloyds Register and UMAS_2019_Zero emission vessels transition pathways

Lloyds Register_2016_Low carbon pathways 2050

Lloyds Register_2019_Fuel production cost estimates and assumptions

Lloyds Register_2019_Safety for the use of ZE fuels and tech

MARIKO et al_2018_Perspectives for the use of hydrogen

Methanol Institute_2017_Methanol safe handling manual

Methanol Institute_2018_Renewable methanol report

MKC TNO and TU Delft_2018_Methanol as an alternative fuel for vessels

NH3 Fuel Conference_2018_ Ammonia as marine fuel

Sea LNG_2018_Why LNG represents a bridge of pragmatism

SINTEF_2019_Inc. use of LNG might not reduce maritime GHG emissions

SSI_2019_The role of sust. biofuels in decarb. of shipping

T&E_2018_Roadmap to decarbonizing European shipping

thinkstep_2019_Addendum life cycle GHG emission study

thinkstep_2019_Life cycle GHG emission study on LNG – Executive summary

thinkstep_2019_Life cycle GHG emission study on LNG – Final report

TU DELFT_2019_thesis_Safe and effective application of ammonia