Onshore Power Supply

This platform  provides a wealth of practical information about OPS for seagoing vessels as a measure to improve air quality in ports and port cities and reduce emissions of air pollutants and noise and to a lesser extent carbon dioxide, by replacing onboard-generated power from diesel auxiliary engines with electricity generated onshore. The information will be useful for port authorities, terminal operators and shipping companies considering introduction or expansion of the technology.

The OPS technology is known by a variety of names: Alternative Maritime Power (AMP), Cold Ironing, Shoreside Electricity and Onshore Power Supply. The IEC/ISO/IEEE standard in preparation uses the term High Voltage Shore Connection System (HVSC) which as the term suggests addresses the connection between ship and shore and the procedures for safe operation.

OPS Survey
In 2009, IAPH conducted a survey on OPS among port authorities. The report as well as the presentation discussing the outcome are available for download.