Port of Rotterdam – Incentive scheme for climate-friendly shipping

The Incentive Scheme is intended to promote projects and demonstrations in Rotterdam that utilise new climate-friendly fuels in maritime shipping. To decarbonise logistics that run via Rotterdam, in 2018 Port Authority CEO Allard Castelein announced a EUR 5 million incentive scheme for climate-friendly shipping. In Rotterdam, the challenge is crystal-clear: we want to bring our port activities in line with the goals set out in the Paris Agreement. We will be working towards a carbon-neutral port in partnership with the private sector. This ultimately means creating a port with no negative impact on our climate. And this, in turn, calls for an energy transition marked by radical innovations and new technologies.

Rotterdam’s port area is eminently suited as a location for the development of alternative fuels, as it already contains a large share of the required infrastructure and fuel facilities. The port is home to major international companies involved in the production, storage, handling, distribution and trading of fuels. Efficiency measures in shipping could reduce CO2 emissions substantially. Nevertheless, if the maritime shipping sector aims to satisfy the international community’s ambition to cut emissions by at least 50% by 2050 it will need to switch to climate-friendly alternative options.

This scheme will support ship owners, charterers, fuel suppliers and producers and related parties experimenting with low-carbon or zero-carbon fuels that can help to substantially lower the sector’s CO2 emissions. As of January 2019 parties can apply for this specific funding. So far (mid 2019) two projects have been rewarded with an incentive.