Port of Montreal – Embracing AI-powered collaborative Intelligence to facilitate JIT arrivals

OCIANA’s Collaborative Berth Scheduler will provide advancement in digitization to empower maritime collaboration and facilitate stakeholders to meet UN Sustainability Development Goals.

Montreal Port Authority conceptualised a system that would enable data sharing through a common platform to benefit all maritime stakeholders. GSTS was approached to be the innovation partner. The joint initiative coincides with the Port of Montreal’s strategic plan to increase operational efficiencies while respecting the environment. Development in collaboration with Canada Steamship Lines, Laurentian Pilotage Authority and Clear Seas, GSTS’ proprietary platform, OCIANA’s latest capability will streamline vessel berthing through AI Predictive Analytics to support Just-in-Time Arrivals and route optimisation towards green voyages.

Decarbonization of a trade route is an example of a problem that no one party can solve. To make real progress, a sector that is notoriously siloed needs to work collaboratively. Through this project, stakeholders will benefit from adopting the Collaborative Berth Scheduler to optimize the efficiency and sustainability of maritime operations on the Green Shipping Corridor along Trade Routes in the North Atlantic and Canada’s waterways.

OCIANA will be accessible to all stakeholders along the St. Lawrence Seaway followed by adoption globally. Benefits include:

  • real-time performance monitoring of global emissions
  • information on vessel movements and vessel berthing delays in real-time
  • enhanced planning and coordination as it pertains to berthing windows
  • decision-making intelligence for dynamic environments
  • support for route optimization

JIT Arrivals with OCIANA will:

  • enable ships to optimise steaming speed, lowering fuel consumption and reducing emissions
  • minimize time at anchorage, thus reducing congestion at port
  • maximise berth occupancy
  • optimize human resource schedules through improved coordination
  • reduce delays to maritime stakeholders

To further advance on this project, GSTS has been awarded a contract by Canada’s Ocean Supercluster’s Core Technology Leadership Program to advance the capabilities of OCIANA.