Port of Baku – Port Management and Information System (PMIS)

The Port Management and Information System (PMIS) of the Port of Baku is a new software system for the planning, control and execution of major port operations and related business processes, including vessel calls, trucks, rail wagons and cargo management, billing and statistical reporting. It connects the multiple systems operated by a variety of organizations that make up a seaport community. The new operating system is a neutral and open electronic platform enabling intelligent and secure exchange of information between public and private stakeholders. The system does so by optimizing, managing and automating port and logistics processes through a single web-based software platform.

One of the key positive features of the system is that it is a single source of adequate and accurate information completely available on the single integrated and standardized platform. This feature of the software meets the requirements of all members of a port community and, hence, grants total control over freight flows and replaces paperwork with electronic information distribution. Additionally, the software can notify the parties about delays or problems of the freight in transit, and thus, results in the efficient tracking and tracing capabilities. The highly secured IT system that is completely integrated through web services and state of the art technologies results in improved service for freight owners by providing them with accurate cargo information including its current location.

The full integration of PMIS into the operation of the Port of Baku in 2019 will increase speed and efficiency of data exchange for the benefit of all parties.