Port of Amsterdam – Future Proof Governance Program

We live in a changing world, in which societal challenges are coming at us faster and faster. The urgency surrounding these challenges requires resilience and flexibility from organizations. In this context, we started the Future Proof Governance program at the beginning of 2022. With this program we look at how we as an organization can make our decision-making future-proof.

The Future Proof Governance program is an internal program that actively involves the young generation within the organization in decision-making processes, through a Young Board. By representing the voice of the younger generation and exploring different perspectives, the young board enriches decision-making at the board table. In this way, we work together towards a future-proof organization.

Within the program, the Young Board operates as an independent group and works on four pillars:

  • Exploring how we give voice to the different, underheard perspectives in the boardroom and the entire organization;
  • Being an example in raising the unsaid, towards the board of directors and within the rest of the organization;
  • Ensure that decisions and/or strategy meet social values.
  • Participate in (strategic) sessions to represent the perspective of the younger, future generation.

In the past year, the Young Board was able to add value at various times by enriching the decisions of the Board of Directors with questions and other perspectives. One of the results of this is that no (temporary) additional issuance of land has been made for the storage and transshipment of coal and that a stronger position is being taken in the sustainability objectives towards 2030 and 2050 (coal and fossil-free port).