Israel Ports – Digital application process for licensing and enforcement of the export of hazardous waste

Israel Ports are taking action to enhance their Port Community System (IPCS). In the current situation, exporters and contractors submit requests for the removal of hazardous waste via multiple emails to the Ministry of Environmental Protection. The disadvantages are difficulties in tracking and locating the information, duplicated data and no logical checks, long response times, and difficulties in enforcement. As part of the project, the exporters and contractors will be connecting to the port community system, filling out digitized forms, and transmitting them to the Ministry of Environmental Protection. Access to the new system is granted to exporters and contractors upon registration to IPCS.

The foreseen benefits include:

  1. Concentrating all data on one site in a way that makes it easier to search and locate
  2. Running logic tests that prevent mistakes and shorten handling times
  3. Documenting all stages of treatment if it is necessary to go to court
  4. Updating the request status online.
  5. Cross-checking the approved amount against the amount of hazardous waste of that exporter intended for export for a better enforcement.
  6. Enabling data to be saved and archived at the Ministry of Environmental Protection before being transferred for approval by the destination countries.
  7. Enabling the blocking of export of hazardous waste that exceeds the license rules or does not comply with the Basel convention.
  8. A future platform for the transfer of information to factories and authorities in the destination countries.