Haifa Port terminals- Digitizing requests for pilotage services

The Haifa complex is made up of 7 terminals that each send individual requests for the entry and departure of vessels to the Marine Traffic Services Company. The Israel Ports Company has developed and implemented a new module in the Israel Port Community System (IPSC) which enables the terminals to build and transmit requests based on e-messages from ship agents, helping to overcome challenges relating to operational queue management.

Digitizing the process has significantly improved transparency by allowing the Marine Traffic Services to build a more accurate working order, including accurate time stamps for when the pilot has boarded the vessel and executed a request, which is distributed to all terminals and clients of the maritime network. By aligning the electronic exchange of messages between all parties, this new module has helped reduce conflict between the terminals and shipping agents, prevents mistakes in requests, and improved the overall efficiency of the process.

Working online on an integrated database has also enabled the terminals to better predict and plan for the need and use of resources, such as dock space and required crew members, whilst further supporting the shipping agents to prepare for unloading processes or obtaining permits for sailing.

Overall, the project optimizes the complex vessel queue operation and reduces vessel waiting times, allowing Marine Traffic Services to examine the system data, identify gaps and delays in performance, and offer a more accurate Service Level Agreement (SLA) to the terminals and shipping agents.