PIXEL is the first modular solution combining strong methodology and smart technology for small and medium port ecosystems enabling optimization of operations through Internet of Things (IoT) while reducing environmental impact. PIXEL monitors in real-time the environmental performance of ports, terminals or vessels, based on the sensor infrastructure and open data, while providing tools to improve the planning of port operations.

There is a lack of tools for environmental impact assessment, and the integration of operational data in the majority of ports is not optimal. In addition, different the level of digitalization in ports differs and considerable gaps are identified between large and small ports. Built on state-of-the art interoperability technologies, PIXEL centralizes data from different information silos where internal and external stakeholders store their operational information. PIXEL leverages an IoT-based communication infrastructure to voluntarily exchange data among ports and stakeholders to achieve an efficient use of resources in ports. This is achieved through the provision of an easy-to-use, open source, smart platform for operational data interchange in ports and its surroundings.

PIXEL provides tools and guidelines leveraging technology with a unique approach: creating a single environmental metric for ports and modelling and optimizing processes after gathering all available information. Through application in a series of pilot cases in the ports of Bordeaux, Monfalcone, Piraeus and Thessaloniki, PIXEL is demonstrating improvement in selected port performance indicators (e.g. 5% in energy consumption, 6% average cost per passenger, 85% in average waiting time for vessels and trucks).