Yeosu Gwangyang Port – Community Outreach Program

Yeosu Gwangyang Port is Korea’s essential industrial backbone and the Yeosu Gwangyang Port Authority (YGPA) is managing and developing a total are of 110 km2 and a total of 103 berths. Wanting to strike a balance between economic and social objectives, the YGPA Port Community Outreach Program was implemented aiming at bringing closer the port to the local community. The program was developed around four pillars, each with distinct set of objectives and actions as summarised below.

  1. Yeosu Project and Academy: The Yeosu project provides education and training on ocean affairs to developing countries to cope with maritime challenges. The Yeosu Academy offers a two-week program on ocean affairs for graduate students from developing countries.
  2. Running Community Outreach Program: Every year, YGPA implements a series of community outreach initiatives such as the Ocean Natural purification volunteer service, the senior lunch box delivery service, the house repair-volunteer service, and a talent donation to children in local area. YGPA staff members contribute 22 hours annually each to community outreach activities, resulting a total of 3000 hours dedicated by YGPA employees so far.
  3. Sunflower Garden Project: YGPA re-structured the Port area aiming at making better use of space to attract recreational activities and to support the local economy. As part of this effort, YGPA planted sunflowers in area of 53,000m2 in the idle space of Gwangyang Distripark resulting in a 13.5% increase on the number of tourists visiting the area.
  4. Port-city Dialogue Program: YGPA brought together the local authorities (city, province, relevant Ministries) and the local chamber of commerce to agree on common policies and joint initiatives addressing the sustainability of the port.

Yeosu Gwangyang Port is committed to continue developing synergies to offer innovative crossover services that contribute to the attractiveness and resilience of both the port and the city.