Ulsan Port – Green methanol and bio-diesel bunkering

In July 2023, Ulsan Port became the first port globally to successfully bunker green methanol and bio-diesel to Maersk Solstice container vessel, as part of the port’s energy transition strategy and carbon neutrality targets. Green methanol as marine fuel can reduce carbon emissions of vessels up to 95% compared with fossil-based fuels, contributing to carbon neutrality in the port.

Despite the absence of prior legal status as marine fuels, the lack of procedure and safety regulations for bunkering and verification, for both bio-diesel and methanol, the port worked thoroughly with all stakeholders (ministries, customs, the Korean Registry, fuel producers, bunker facility operators, and Maersk) following a step-by-step approach to ensure the safety and efficiency of green methanol and bio-diesel bunkering operations.

Working systematically and in cooperation in addressing all the challenges, we achieved the world’s first successful methanol supply and created new energy industries and markets, contributing to carbon neutrality. In that way, Ulsan Port innovated in green marine fuel regulations and promoted the spread of green methanol bunkering globally.