RAK Ports – Channel Optimization with DUKC®

With a vision to be a principle strategic gateway to the Emirate’s economic growth, the leadership of RAK Ports strives to demonstrate professionalism, flexibility, innovation and transparency at all times whilst maintaining the highest industry standards.

With the ambition of leveraging innovation to optimize port infrastructure and operations, Saqr Port implemented Dynamic Under Keel Clearance System (DUKC®) on January 1st 2020, notable as the first implementation in the MENA region of this advanced digital technology. This digitization project has allowed Saqr Port to optimize use of existing port capacity, optimize dredging decisions, and increase port efficiency.

DUKC® is a comprehensive port optimization and risk management solution, underpinned by detailed modelling of port operations, ship motions, and hydro-dynamics, and the AI assisted assimilation of real-time and forecast environmental conditions. Connecting advanced calculation engines with the port’s available IoT devices and digital data sources, DUKC® allows the sailing draft of every vessel to be safely maximized.

The average increase in sailing draft realized to date by Saqr Port with DUKC® is 0.67m, thereby allowing ships to sail with more cargo whilst reducing risk. By increasing the tonnes lifted by every vessel, the per tonne-km CO2 emissions are reduced. Essentially, fewer voyages are required to transport the same volume, therefore fuel use is reduced with a corresponding reduction in GHG emissions.

With DUKC®, Saqr Port has delivered record sailing drafts and tonnages, and a reduction in CO2 emissions of 100,617 tonnes in the first 23 months across 369 transits (~6.8%), equivalent to:

  • GHG emissions from 406,955,509 km driven by the average passenger vehicle;
  • CO2 emissions from 12,239,318,159 smart phone recharges or 18,276 homes electricity use for 1 year; or
  • CO2 sequestered by 1,663,723 tree seedlings grown for 10 years, or 123,274 acres of forests in 1 year.