PSA Marine – Remote surveying of vessels

In June 2020, PSA Marine partnered Bureau Veritas Marine Singapore (“BV”) and successfully completed a remote marine survey for PSA Aspen, an LNG dual-fuel harbor tug. This fully accredited annual survey was carried out remotely, without a surveyor physically onboard the vessel. This marks the first survey of its kind for a vessel registered under the Singapore Registry of Ships.

With the aid of smart mobile devices and optimized live-streaming application, the PSA Aspen crew were able to communicate effectively and seamlessly in real-time and completed the survey of classification and statutory requirements. The BV surveyor who was located offsite, conveyed instructions, seeing and recording relevant images and real-time video, whilst archiving content for the electronic survey report.

With safe distancing measures and travel restrictions arising from COVID-19, this pilot project established how vessel owners, service providers, classification societies and relevant industry stakeholders can work together to make remote surveys fit for purpose. This pilot project has set a template for future delivery in the industry as we continuously innovate, rethink and develop new solutions to overcome challenges and make a positive difference.

With the remote survey, PSA Marine was able to complete its surveys on schedule amidst the pandemic, whilst ensuring that customers are served without delay or disruptions. Incorporating the key takeaways from the first survey, a second remote survey was carried out and successfully completed for PSA Marine’s second LNG dual-fuel tug, PSA Oak, in November 2020. The PSA Marine crew and shore staff have embraced this with agility and resilience. PSA Marine is committed to a smarter, safer and more efficient future.