PSA Singapore – OptEVoyage

PSA Singapore’s OptEVoyage is a digital solution that synchronises transparent real-time activities and 24/7 ship-to-port data exchange between carrier and port operator to enable Just-In-Time vessel arrivals for berth. Through collaboration with various stakeholders, it supports the dynamic optimisation of terminal resource planning and efficient vessel bunker consumption, thereby improving the carbon abatement, efficiency and resilience of our supply chain.

In 2023, this innovative solution has successfully led to inferred bunker savings (calculated from the mathematical model derived by DNV ) of 52,551 metric tons and total CO2 emission savings of 163,832 metric tons. As of April 2024, 6 shipping lines are onboard OptEVoyage with PSA Singapore with a total of 99 services under trial. PSA Singapore is committed to expand OptEVoyage collaboration with other liners to promote sustainable practices for a greener future.