Ports of Auckland – Zero Emissions 2040

Ports of Auckland (POAL) has an ambitious goal to become a zero emissions port by 2040. To get started on this journey we partnered with Enviro-Mark Solutions and are using the Certified Emissions Measurement and Reduction Scheme (CEMARSĀ®) to measure and manage our greenhouse gas emissions. We are the first port in New Zealand to become a CEMARSĀ® certified organisation.

We have measured direct and indirect emissions associated with our business and those of our subsidiaries. We have also commenced a project to compile a baseline emissions inventory of trucks visiting the port. A baseline of emissions of other freight modes will follow. In 2017 we completed a feasibility study for Cruise Vessel Emission Reductions Technologies.

The emissions reduction plan is currently underway. Our strategy for reducing emissions is to first improve our energy efficiency and then to implement further renewable energy and zero emission technologies, such as delivering zero-emission technologies for our container handling equipment and harbour fleet vessels.

Efficiency improvements are being implemented through behavioural changes, upgrades of assets to more energy efficient options, and through research projects such as the DC Microgrid project to develop more energy efficient system particularly for warehouses. Behavioural changes will be delivered through training and by leveraging our improved data analytics capability at the port. The data analytics team is turning our data into useful information that can be used to raise awareness, and readily measure and manage operational efficiencies at the port.

We are committed to developing partnerships to achieve deliver our zero emissions programme. One such partner is EECA, the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority in New Zealand. Through this partnership we have delivered a port-first of LED Floodlighting which is expected to reduce electricity consumption by 7%.

The zero emission programme is part of our strategy to achieving our vision to become a leading sustainable port at a global level. In setting this vision and goal, POAL has recognised the leadership role it can play in driving change in the ports and shipping industry both locally and globally. POAL is a city port, and believes there is a need to exceed the regulatory requirements and is seeking to improve the environment for our community around the port.