Port of Montreal – CargO2ai

The CargO2ai system is a a logistics tool with a humanitarian calling. It uses artificial intelligence to quickly identify and prioritize the critical cargo that Canadians and Americans need.

CargO2ai was developed in the spring of 2020 through a partnership between the Port of Montreal, CargoM, terminal operators Termont and MGTP, Scale AI and Ivado Labs to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic. The purpose is to deliver medications, medical equipment and other essential goods as quickly as possible to avoid supply delays and stock shortages during precarious economic and public health situations.

To date, as of the time this entry is being submitted, more than 6,400 container units (12,100 TEUs) have been identified by CargO2aiand expedited to consumers. Decision making on critical cargo is based on data and quantitative information to accelerate operations and reduce dwell time for imported goods. Dwell time for critical containers can be cut by up to 50% between their unloading and their departure from the terminal compared to the average dwell times for all containers. Furthermore, the CargO2ai solution enables better understanding of the data flowing through the Port, introduces AI-driven innovative solutions into processes that are traditionally conservative, and creates a tool that acts as a single source of truth (SSOT) for the entire supply chain linked to the Port of Montreal, increasing the technical level of maturity of all organizations involved.