Port of Mombasa – KPA e-Citizen platform

KPA manages and operates all scheduled seaports along Kenya’s coastline as well as the inland waterways. The Port of Mombasa, as gateway to East and Central Africa region, has a direct connectivity with over 80 seaports in the world and is the biggest port in the region with a capacity of 2.1million TEUS annually. KPA also operates the Port of Lamu, Port of Kisumu and inland container depots in Nairobi and Naivasha.

KPA has introduced an online account management and payment settlement portal, the KPA e-Citizen platform. Through e-Citizen, agents are able to access services, that were previously offered across various independent systems, from one single point. This has increased transparency in the sea import/export logistics by bringing agents and customers together. Customers can now track consignments in real-time and make payments directly for invoices through a variety of payment options. The KPA e-citizen platform has offered flexibility to customers, who previously relied solely on banks for settlement of their bills, to choose making payments through the MPESA platform, a money payment app integrated in their mobile phones and the e-citizen platform.

KPA e-Citizen contributes to business efficiency and enhances KPA’s efforts towards automation of services. It also reduces the cost of doing business by ensuring faster digital completion of cargo clearance business processes. The platform overall offers improved customer experience via better and faster interaction and meeting of customer demands. The KPA Portal enables the parastatal to rapidly respond to changes and to keep up with global market trends to achieve port efficiency. At the same time, the digitization of processes in the KPA portal ensures increased transparency and minimizes risks for all customers and agents.