Port of Marseille – Searoutes

Data related to the CO2 footprint of shipping routes is nowadays just as relevant as the price of transport as it influences the choices of manufacturers and traders. Born in Hamburg, the start-up Searoutes has anchored in Marseille and is developing within the ZeBox incubator of CMA CGM. Additionally, the Searoutes vision for an eco-calculator has earned the title of the winner of the first edition of the Smartport Challenge launched by the Port of Marseille-Fos.

Searoutes has the ambition to become the Google Map of the maritime sector by processing data transmitted via AIS antennas, the automatic ship identification system. It is the first route planning service that makes use of real historic vessel voyages, recorded by AIS-signals. As such, Searoutes provides maritime stakeholders with routes and real-time weather to optimize fleet efficiency and make maritime traffic greener. It aggregates vessel (e.g. speed, voyage information) and weather data (tide, wind, waves, direction) to simulate ship routes and calculate their CO2 footprint. Making greener choices based on Searoutes can significantly reduce CO2 emissions.