Port of Marseille – IoT4Control

Regulated critical on-board equipment requires regular, time-consuming tracking and tracing, with manual entries and difficult access for personnel. Naval Group and INOUID co-developed IoT4Control, a solution that allows remote inventory and optimized checks, directly entered in digital format by the roundwalkers and maintenance teams.

The hardened UHF RFID technology of the Tags and Tablets/PDAs is here adapted to the naval constraints as well as the mobile (Round) and fixed, deployable business software developed by INOUID. This IoT solution responds to several challenges:

  • Offering IoT devices for detection / inventory that are adapted to vessels
  • Communicating and recording data securely, which can be both accessible and reliable
  • Creating tools to use the data, once embedded which can be deployed and are adaptable for controlling conformity and maintenance

IoT4Control aims to improve the economic and environmental performances of maintenance on specific equipment whilst at the same time complying with civil, military, and the high level world standards of digitalization.