Port of London – Thames Vision 2035

Across the 95 miles of the tidal Thames, the Port of London Authority is a custodian of the estuary for all users and uses, and is committed to leaving it in an improved state to future generations. The Thames Vision is a sustainable plan for the growth across the port, seeing improvements for trade, recreation, culture, heritage and environment over twenty years. It is an entirely stakeholder-lead plan with each area setting relevant goals and measuring progress. Following extensive consultation and workshops in 2015, a 20 year plan for short, medium and long-term actions was developed, and adopted by all stakeholders including local government, operators, and regulators.

In some areas strategies were formed to direct action specifically, for example Air Quality, Aquatic Litter, Cultural and Drowning Prevention. While other aspects became enshrined in policy for example Safeguarded Wharves. The goals are used to inform the PLA’s own Investment plan for supporting growth and improvement in the Thames. So far improvements include 5 clubs facilities expanded, a new conveyor, a safeguarded wharf reopened after 17 years, and more to follow, and the start of habitat improvements across 300 hectares of wet grasslands and marsh next to the estuary.