Port of Houston – Improving operational efficiency through transparent information exchange

Cooperation and transparent information exchange are critical to ensuring operational efficiency and schedule predictability. The Greater Houston Port Bureau (GHPB) recognizes the need to provide its members with means to exchange planning information real-time in a digital format. Hence, in the past years, the GHPB and PortXchange, have implemented a few solutions together:

  • PortXchange Synchronizer consolidates port planning data into one central platform giving terminals, ships, and third-party service providers better predictability and the right data to optimize their port calls.
  • PortXchange PilotTracker provides real-time pilot scheduling and vessel movement information at the port of Houston.

In the port of Houston, information around a port call is subject to a long “production line” process where parties have to wait on the previous stakeholder before making arrangements. This increases the lead time of information, resulting in inefficiencies for inbound and outbound vessels, especially during tight berth exchanges or multi-berth port calls. PortXchange Synchronizer aims to reduce these inefficiencies by improving visibility into the port call planning and allowing different parties to exchange information in real-time. To continue the digital transformation at the port of Houston, the Greater Houston Port Bureau and PortXchange have embarked on a five-year digitalization partnership.

The port of Houston is by far the busiest port in the U.S., and PortXchange aims to help it become the most efficient.

About PortXchange
PortXchange is a spin-off from The Port of Rotterdam Authority. Established in 2019 as an independent organization, PortXchange provides trade-agnostic, digital solutions to optimize operations and reduce emissions from the shipping industry. After being implemented in Rotterdam, PortXchange is expanding to other ports such as Felixstowe, Moerdijk, Algeciras and Houston. Trusted by industry leaders worldwide to optimize over 100,000 port calls.

About The Greater Houston Port Bureau (GHPB)
Founded in 1929 in Houston, the Greater Houston Port Bureau is a 240+ member driven, non-profit trade organization dedicated to promoting commerce and cooperation in the nation’s largest port for foreign waterborne tonnage and the largest petrochemical complex in the U.S. With a focus on maritime industry priorities such as port efficiency and maritime security, we offer stakeholders advocacy, collaboration opportunities, data, education, and business networking through luncheons, seminars, publications, and special events. The Port Bureau also operates as the Marine Exchange of Texas, providing members with vessel movement reports, port information, and data for Texas deep draft ports.