Port of Gothenburg – Pilot scheme for emission-free construction sites

At the Port of Gothenburg, development and maintenance projects are constantly underway. In the future, the work will be carried out in a more climate-friendly way as the Port Authority will start using new procurement stipulations for selected contracts with the aim of reducing carbon emissions at the port.

Up to 20% of carbon emissions from the transport sector currently derive from construction equipment. To mitigate emissions in the construction sector, a project was initiated by the City of Gothenburg and the trade and industry development company Business Region Göteborg, which resulted in the formulation of five stipulations, each of which could be suitable for different projects and which could be made stricter as the market matures.

This would mean, for example, that the port could demand that a certain proportion of the equipment, work process, or energy consumption should be emission free. A further option would be to design the valuation model so that the prospective contractor is required to set measures for how to reduce emissions for a specific contract. The higher the assured carbon reduction, the more quality points they would be awarded. The points would then be weighted to bring down their price, making it more competitive.

Another possibility is receiving alternative tenders from the same contractor in which they calculate costs in the conventional way and in the emission-free way. The emission-free alternative would be awarded quality points to calculate a price deduction and it would allow a comparison to be made with conventional construction. Different tenders from the same contractor would give a clear indication of the true cost of emission-free construction.

The Gothenburg Port Authority will be the first to introduce the new stipulations within the procurement system and upcoming projects are currently being investigated to identify a suitable pilot project.