Port of Barcelona – Your port opens up again

In the 1980’s and later in preparation for the 1992 Olympic Games, the Port Authority of Barcelona, in agreement with the local, regional, and national authorities, transferred the port activity far from urban areas. The strategy was successful, and it reinforced the city-port relationship.

As a continuation of this plan and with the support of the port’s 2021-2025 Strategic Plan, the port and the city set up the “Your port opens up again”. This project involves the deeper integration of the old port of Barcelona and the city through the completion of the reorganization of passenger traffic. It includes transferring one ferry and two cruise terminals from the old port area to a wharf located in the commercial port to be exclusively dedicated to passengers and relocating a multipurpose terminal in the commercial port. It will also mean the construction of two new cruise and one ferry terminals on the passenger wharf. The liberated areas in the old port will be renovated to improve port-city connectivity and integration, resulting in the reduction of the port’s environmental footprint as well as transforming this north end part of the port into a hub for citizen’s leisure, training institutions, innovation, and Blue Economy research.

These initiatives, expected to finish by 2026, are being mainly financed by the Port of Barcelona with an estimated budget of over €150 million even though private terminals will also contribute to this investment.

Moving passenger traffic to a single wharf is enhancing the port’s and city’s sustainability through the deployment of onshore power supply (OPS) for all cruise vessels; the launch of a nautical shuttle service connecting different areas of the old port with the ferry terminals; and the use of electrical vehicles and equipment. Moreover, and besides leadership and collaboration, the way how this project will contribute to the local community is especially innovative. Most of the new areas opened to citizens will be dedicated to boost innovation activities on Blue Economy and top-level logistics training centers, connecting citizens with the most innovative logistics and maritime projects.