Port of Baku – The Unique Dispatcher Software

The main aim of the Dispatcher Software is to automate all the processes and operations done by the port dispatchers. These include digitalization of the 14 different types of journals (terminal, weather, incidents, communication, timesheet, tugboat journals, etc.) and the automation of  more than 40 processes. This software increases the efficiency of the dispatchers’ work by up to 30% and employees can have instant access to the required data. The management team can access and see the real-time port operation and even engage with the operation team anytime they want.

Alike the Port Management Software, the Dispatcher Software contains all the data which needs to be exchanged with partnering ports. Nevertheless, the cost of the Dispatcher Software is 15 times lower than the Port Management Software. Therefore, acquiring the system and integrating it with other ports is very easy and efficient. For the first time, the system is being utilized in the Port of Baku, whilst the negotiations with the other Caspian Sea ports for integration are underway.