Port of Baku – The Digital Route

With an aim to digitize the “Middle Corridor” and to facilitate exchange of digital information for trade operations, Port of Baku initiated a project titled “Digital Route”. “Digital Route” is a universal web platform with functional capability to offer integrated e-service for various trade, transport and logistics services under concept of single window. The project aims to position Baku, Azerbaijan as the ideal base for trading across borders. It also aims strengthening Middle Corridor’s position against other alternative regional transport corridors as the ideal digitized route for transit and trading, and facilitation of transaction processes between private sector, transport companies and government agencies.

Among stakeholders that will benefit from creation of this platform are freight forwarders and clearing agencies, exporters and importers, shipping lines and agents, transport companies, sea port operators, insurance companies, custom authorities, etc. The uniqueness of the project is that not only Azerbaijan, but also all countries along the Middle Corridor – Turkey, Georgia Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan, also other Central Asian Republics like Afghanistan, Pakistan will benefit from digitization of the route.