Port of Baku – Port Management Information System (PMIS)

Digitalization / automatization is one of the strategic goals of the Port of Baku. In line with that goal, the port is working on establishing an electronic platform – PMİS – to connect the multiple systems operated by the variety of organizations that constitute the seaport community. PMIS is shared in the sense that it is set up, organized and used by firms in the same sector. It allows the exchange of information between clients and national Customs and other authorities. PMIS has been implemented in accordance with Single-Window paradigm. The basic principle is that all data is submitted into the system only once. A Port Community System optimizes, manages and automates logistics-efficient processes through a single submission of data, connecting transport and logistics chains.

PMIS has been implemented and fully used to date by the following parties:

  • Roro/Ferry terminal
  • General Cargo Terminal (Container operation and Breakbulk and Dry Bulk operation)
  • Finance Department
  • Control Room (Vessel related operations)
  • Marine Service (Tug and Pilotage operations)
  • Parking (Management of Park zones)
  • Other companies (UTR towing operations)
  • Customers (Creation of the cargo announcements)

The following functions are currently enabled:

  • Centralized and digitized management of real-time and historical data
  • Tracking of real-time data
  • View of all historical data across all types of cargo and services
  • Attachment of documents and images (damage registration)
  • Viewing statistical reports in the form of graphs, tables and charts
  • Generation of certain internal documents – export from the system in PDF/XLS format.
  • Integration with external stakeholders such the Azerbaijan Customs Committee and the Azerbaijan Railways (ADY)
  • Integration with other ports of the Caspian Sea such as:
    • Port of Aktau -> in progress
    • Port of Turkmenbashi -> in progress