Port of Baku – Port Community Care Project

The modern world is constantly changing with economic realities, digitalization and internet revolution directly impacting community relations and development. Port evolution and developments in international trade often take place in isolation from the local citizens and communities. Through the Port Community Care project, the Port of Baku wants to make the port more visible and accessible to citizens, local and business communities, including local and international companies, trade and diplomatic missions.

With social networks substituting other more formal ways of communication over the last decades, the port-city-business-citizens interaction became much more dynamic and interactive. The Port of Baku is convinced that the Port Community Care project has become a formidable tool for strengthening the links and creating a better relationship between the port, the local and business community.

Under the framework of the project, aiming to strengthen bilateral ties of cooperation, four major programs were launched, namely, Corporate Kitchen, Corporate Wild Camp, Business Skills with Sports Solutions, and Day Begins with Coffee. These are team building programs, taking place in Baku and other regions of Azerbaijan, in order to better connect the Port of Baku with its local and business communities, through the art of cooking and sports. These programs engage local and international business community, citizens and local inhabitants to closely discover all aspects of port and city relation and integration.