Port of Amsterdam – MOBI platform

Administrative port security activities can often be time-consuming and require a proper communication between the port terminal and the authority. Port of Amsterdam’s MOBI platform makes the total of security processes effective and efficient. In 2017 the Port of Amsterdam launched the MISA (Methodology for Impartial Security Assessments) risk assessment application for port terminals. This application has now been evolved to the MOBI (the Dutch abbreviation for MISA) port security platform and is since 2019 in use by all the Dutch main seaports (Groningen Seaports, North Sea Port, Port of Den Helder, Port of Moerdijk, Port of Rotterdam and Port of Amsterdam).

Port Security Certification

Each port terminal that receives sea-going ships must comply with statutory requirements (ISPS-code) to ensure port facility security and must apply for certification every 5 years. In this certification process the designated authority performs a risk assessment of the port facility. The terminal has to setup and maintain a security plan for the port facility with the procedures that mitigate the risks as indicated by the assessment. This port facility security plan (PFSP) is then audited and to be approved by the authority. Whilst receiving sea-going ships, the terminal has to comply with its security procedures, something the authority will supervise. Also, the terminal should notify the authority upon changes within the port facility or its procedures. The authority then has to (re)audit and approve those changes.

MOBI platform: public private cooperation 

The MOBI platform and its smart web-based software application (MOBI-app) facilitates a public private cooperation between port terminals and designated authorities for port security activities. Port Facility Security Officers, Port Security Auditors and Port Security Supervisors work together in one transparent digital environment, carrying out real-time tasks and sending each other notifications, messages, documents and images through the application. This ensures that information is always up-to-date and makes the status of the processes transparent to its users. The platform itself has top level digital security and is PEN-tested on a regular base in order to keep its integrity.

MOBI handles the certification, notifications, the management of changes and compliance. The development of MOBI continues in 2020 with a more thorough integration of Cyber Security. Also, a real-time security/cyber incident notification module (MOBI-Alert) will be added.