Port of Algeciras – PortXchange

The Port of Algeciras Bay Authority has been leading huge efforts framed in the Strategic Plan and, particularly, in its Digital and Innovation Program to enhance processes and operations’ efficiency and become more environmentally sustainable, that is to become a Digital and Green Next Generation Port. Innovation, together with competitivity and sustainability are the cornerstones of the efforts of the port community as a whole in the short-term.

As part of its Digital and Innovation Program, since early 2020, Port of Algeciras has been working with PortXchange to implement a single and reliable information exchange platform for the entire port community. The project aims to improve collaboration and reduce emissions from the maritime logistics chain as a result.

PortXchange is a digital collaboration platform that shipping lines, port authorities, terminals, and agents can use to optimally plan, execute and monitor all activities during a port call in real-time. It connects operational data from all local parties involved in a port call, standardizes it, and creates a single point of reliable information. Transparent information exchange and common situational awareness make port calls more predictable, efficient, and sustainable.

PortXchange allows Port of Algeciras to facilitate Just in Time arrival of vessels and brings value in several fronts such as :

  • Reduction of CO2 and NOx emissions during the voyage and in the port and anchorage areas.
  • Reduction of congestion and safety improvements at the port.
  • Reduction of idling and increase of operational efficiencies during the port call.

By the end of 2020, PortXchange has supported more than 100,000 calls in four major commercial ports, including the Port of Algeciras, the Port of Rotterdam, the Port of Houston, and the Port of Felixstowe.