Northport (Malaysia) Bhd – Journey towards HSE excellence

Northport has formulated a strategic roadmap to operate its business activities to the highest level of Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) standards in our journey towards achieving HSE excellence.

The journey started with the ‘Transformation’ phase in 2012 to promote mindset and behavioral change. In 2016, the focus was shifted to ‘Effective Implementation’ to enforce all the actions towards achieving HSE goals. In 2019, Northport embarked on ‘Sustenance and Continuous Improvement’ to strengthen the best HSE practices among our stakeholders. Finally, the ‘Business Resilience and Continuity’ phase was enforced in 2020 to seal our commitment towards business continuity management.

Throughout the journey, Northport has embarked on various HSE initiatives which include:

  • Establishment of Business Continuity Plan to ensure adequate measures are in place for Northport’s operational and business continuity throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Strengthen our port’s security with the use of drone and closed-circuit surveillance system. Northport is the first port in Malaysia to use drones for security and surveillance purposes.
  • Introduction of HSE Omission Notification (HON) to enforce safety compliance on Northport’s employees and port users within the port premises.
  • ‘You See You Act’ or UCUX mechanism to promote immediate incident reporting using mobile phone.
  • Establishment of drugs, alcohol and illegal substance policy to preserve the health, safety and welfare of Northport’s employees and port users.
  • Quarterly HSE Committee meetings
  • Quarterly engagement sessions with strategic stakeholders.
  • Regular management walkabout to ensure safety regulations are observed by employees and port users.
  • Acknowledgement of safety performers to contractors and service providers during HSE programmes.

Our initiatives have been recognized with several awards and recognitions, including:

  • Best Port Safety Management Award by Ministry of Transport Malaysia in 2021
  • National Occupational Safety and Health Award in Business Services in 2020
  • The first Malaysian port to be awarded ISO 45001:2018 in 2019
  • The first Malaysian port to be awarded ISO 37001:2016 in 2021
  • Malaysian Society for Occupational Safety and Health (MSOSH) Silver Award (2016) and Gold Award (2017 & 2018)