North Sea Port – Solar Park

The installation of solar panels on the roofs of the warehouses at Verbrugge Scaldia Terminals (VST) and Verbrugge Zeeland Terminals (VZT) is nearing completion. More than 140,000 panels are almost installed, with a total capacity of 50 million watts in 2021. This is enough to yield more than 16 million kWh of energy a year, generated by the Zeeland sun. This amount can supply power to approximately 5500 households. Moreover, it will result in a CO2 reduction of 10,200 tons a year.

Designing solar panels on rooftops is not a new approach to contribute to North Sea Port’s commitment on energy transition and SDG 7 (affordable and clean energy). The innovative elements of this project are its scale, with more than 140,000 panels installed over 2 terminals, the use of light weight panels to maximize capacity, and the connection between the two solar parks at VST and VZT by a high voltage cable of 1.5 kilometers.

To achieve this project both terminals, constructor, network administrator and the North Sea Port authority have embraced sustainability by locally producing green energy using existing infrastructure. This green energy is a step towards the energy transition in the community of North Sea Port, and will be used for the forthcoming electrification of port equipment. Such electrification will only be sustainable if it is backed up local by green energy. VST and VZT will use this new local source of green energy to invest in 4 new hybrid Gottwald cranes, electric Forklifts and electric Tugmasters to electrify both terminals on vertical and horizontal moves.