Johor Port Authority – Port Security Digital Apps Empowerment

Innovation is crucial for organizational success, enabling the practical implementation of ideas to introduce new products or services and enhance existing ones. The Johor Port Authority (JPA) internal expertise developed My Crisis Room, a vital tool for organizations to stay competitive in today’s dynamic landscape. My Crisis Room consists of four sub-applications: My Operation Command Centre (MyOCC), My Maritime Security Report (MyMTSRpt), My ISPS Audit (MyISPSAudit), and My Shift (MyShift), covering all security operations.

My Operation Command Centre (MyOCC) enhances crisis management by digitizing processes, replacing cumbersome paperwork, thus improving efficiency and accuracy. My Maritime Security Report (MyMTSRpt) transitions from traditional paper-based reporting to a digital platform, reducing reporting time and improving communication during crises. My ISPS Audit (MyISPSAudit) streamlines auditing, enhancing transparency, accountability, and efficiency. Its features include audit planning, execution, document management, risk assessment, data analysis, reporting, and follow-up, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards. My Shift (MyShift) revolutionizes work scheduling and task coordination, optimizing daily operations.

The objectives of My Crisis Room are to streamline crisis management processes, improve efficiency and responsiveness, enhance crisis preparedness through drills and exercises, and establish MyOCC as an innovative tool for crisis resolution, demonstrating JPA’s leadership in technological advancement. Achievements include the successful development and implementation of MyOCC, improved crisis reporting, facilitation of yearly drills, effective crisis task management, implementation of MyMTSRpt, successful integration of MyISPSAudit, and adoption of MyShift.

My Crisis Room’s approach aligns with the evaluation criteria for the International Association of Ports and Harbors (IAPH) awards, contributing to sustainability by enhancing efficiency and preparedness. JPA’s vision and leadership in deploying My Crisis Room showcase its commitment to driving positive change within the industry and advancing collaborative solutions with other ports and stakeholders.