JadeWeserPort – “Port Spot” App

The JadeWeserPort Realisierungs GmbH & Co. KG has together with the Niedersachsen Ports GmbH & Co. KG initiated the development of a smartphone app for the port notice from barges. An increase in customer service was the top priority during the development. In order to offer all skippers the possibility of use, the app is available in German and English. Other languages are already planned. In an ongoing development process, the cooperation between Niedersachsen Ports and JadeWeserPort Realisierungs GmbH will allow the use of the app in all seaports of Lower Saxony. Using an app for exchanging port notices is innovative and valuable.

The app named “Port Spot” enables barge skippers to announce the call at the ports operated by Niedersachen Ports GmbH & Co. KG digitally via smartphone or computer. Skippers, shipowners or agents can enter the necessary data and a desired berth. By using an additional function the people can attach important documents such as the tonnage certificate. It supports different file formats. A message function enables effective communication between the company and the user to clarify questions and concerns in a simple manner. For multiple use, a permanent account is available. Furthermore, the app also offers the possibility of guest access, in case the ship is going to call a port owned by Niedersachsen Ports GmbH & Co. KG only once. In 2018, the app has already been successfully tested by some barge skippers.

The use of the app results in a simplified and non-bureaucratic data flow. This leads to saving a considerable amount of time and effort, for both ship-owners and Niedersachen Ports, and thus also to a saving of costs. In addition, the elimination of paper-based communication conserves natural resources.