Hamburg Port Authority – smartWINDOW

The Fehrmann Tech Group in cooperation with the Hamburg Port Authority and Cruise Gate Hamburg present a groundbreaking innovation in maritime and urban technology. Born from a joint research project, our smartWINDOW is revolutionizing maritime navigation in the Port of Hamburg. The transparent augmented reality screens digitize ship bridge windows, enhancing captains’ ability to maneuver with unparalleled precision and safety.

But our innovation does not stop at the port’s edge. We are also proud to introduce our transparent hologram outdoor advertising, integrated into our network of transparent screens along Hamburg’s bustling tourist routes. These screens, strategically placed in Hamburg’s cruise gate terminals and other prime locations within the travel and retail sectors, deliver captivating content ranging from local insights about Hamburg’s history, culture and news to dynamic outdoor advertising from regional businesses.

As the company responsible for the entire port area, the Hamburg Port Authority has an interest in ensuring that safety, innovation and growth in the port develop positively and sustainably. The transparent augmented reality screens therefore contribute to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals and the sustainable development of the port area as well as its local companies and people is increased. Our transparent screens embody the Partnership Goal (17) by exemplifying effective partnerships between the public and private sectors. Goal 9 – Sustainable Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure – is also represented as the smartWINDOW depicts a significant advancement in maritime infrastructure and advertising technology. Lastly, decent work and economic growth (Goal 8) is reflected in our maritime innovation, as we stimulate maritime development and entrepreneurship, enhancing navigation efficiency and strengthening local businesses.

With our pioneering technologies, we are not just shaping the future of maritime navigation and urban advertising; we are setting new standards for sustainability, safety and public engagement in port cities worldwide.