Freeport of Riga Authority – Virtual Maritime Museum and Heritage Project

Through the Freeport of Riga Authority’s virtual tour, our maritime heritage takes on new life, connecting the Latvian community to historically inaccessible maritime landmarks. This initiative uncovers a distinct part of our past, offering a closer look at the historic icebreaker Varma, five unique lighthouses, and a once exclusive maritime museum. Our tour utilizes 3D and 360-degree technology, enabling users to engage with these locations and the unearthed historical documents in a truly interactive manner.

The project has broadened public engagement, enriching our understanding of our shared maritime history. Notably, the virtual tour has enhanced educational approaches in the maritime sector, providing a detailed, first-hand look for students and incorporating valuable oral narratives from industry veterans. This initiative, while simple in its approach, has played a vital role in bridging our community, educators, and maritime enthusiasts, helping us to appreciate and preserve our rich maritime past. It stands as a testament to the impact of thoughtful innovation on community building and the sharing of cultural heritage.