Fiji Ports – Tree Planting Campaign

Fiji Ports is fully committed to environmental stewardship, integrating sustainability into all aspects of its operations to protect and preserve the natural environment. This dedication is reflected in the strategic initiatives of its Green Port Master Plan, which emphasizes active engagement with stakeholders and communities.

As part of Fiji Ports annual Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities, a significant Tree Planting Campaign was held at one of the local communities, Suvavou Biodiversity Park. This event saw the participation of Fiji Ports and from the Ministry of Forestry staff, demonstrating a collaborative effort towards environmental conservation.

The campaign was a remarkable success thanks to the support from the Ministry of Forestry, Fiji. They not only supplied the saplings but also provided essential support in terms of manpower and information. The initiative led to the planting of 1,000 mangrove saplings, 100 native trees, and 50 fruit trees. Among the species planted were Kuasi, Mahogany, Dakua Salusalu, and Dakua Makadre trees.

This event underscores Fiji Ports’ ongoing commitment to sustainable development and environmental care, fostering a greener future for the communities it serves.