Fiji Ports – Digitalization initiative

As part of its Smart port commitment, Fiji Ports Corporation Ltd (FPCL) has undertaken and implemented projects to establish electronic processes that will lead to FPCL’s Smart Port Digitization.

FPCL has introduced an online berthing application platform which allows local vessel owners and agents to apply for berthing at FPCL local wharfs. The approval process is online and vessel owners and agents are notified via emails on real time of the approval of berthing. Previously, this was paper based process where by berthing applications had to be submitted in advance prior to berthing and there were instances where berthing of vessels was delayed due to misplaced application forms or miscommunication between the agents and FPCL.

By having digital online application process, applications can be made online, eliminating the need for physically presenting the forms and records can be digitally stored and archived on local systems or cloud-based backups, eliminating the use of paper and physical interaction. Having this online system greatly assisted the vessel owners and agents during the pandemic allowing for providing service without physical contact.

To safe guard the online application, FPCL has also invested into cybersecurity which is a combination of both on-premise and cloud-based technologies. FPCL have upgraded firewalls and implemented updated cloud security to ensure that the organization as well as the stakeholders that interact with FPCL can communicate and share information securely. After successful implementation of this application to the local stakeholders, FPCL in a couple of months’ time will roll this application platform to its international stakeholders as well.

Numerous apps have been developed which aid in day to day requests processing, reducing the use of paper and increasing the ease accessibility of internal processes. Some of these in-house app developments include:

  • LR Request – Logistic Requisition app (Procurement Application)
  • Transport request
  • Project Management
  • OHS Incident reporting application
  • New User Request
  • Engineering work order request
  • VIMS – Vessel Information Management System

FPCL is dedicated and committed in using technology to reduce the use of paper and where possible, to introduce energy efficient technology and systems as to reduce its carbon footprint.