China Merchants Port Group – Innovation Prospers Sustainability

Years ago, China Merchants Group (CMG) and China Merchants Port (CMPort) adopted the “Port – Park – City” model to turn its home base in Shekou, Western Shenzhen from a fishing village to a modernized city where Shekou Container Terminal, Chiwan Container Terminal and other port and logistics activities stemmed to achieve over 10million TEUs throughput in Year 2020. With proven business success, two strategic port projects, namely “Mawan Smart Port” and “Co-ordinated Port Project” are going to further accelerate the development of “Trade – Finance Eco System” growth in Western Shenzhen as well as The Guangdong – Hong Kong – Macao Greater Bay Area region.

The Mawan Smart Port project applies 5G communication, Internet of Things, big data, artificial intelligence and other new generation information technology, in port services and operations. The aim is to achieve interconnection of port elements, intelligent and automatic production and operation, objective and intelligent management and decision-making, and agile and efficient customer service. The in-depth integration of various resources, technologies, services, and management leads to achieving a modern port model featuring multi-boundary attributes, open sharing, system efficiency, green environmental protection, and sustainable development.

Building on Mawan Smart Port, the Co-ordinated Port project focuses on the digital optimization of infrastructure and uses innovative and cost-efficient applications to address major infrastructural and service challenges in ports. Through the comprehensive use of blockchain, big data, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and other technological empowerment, the project establishes core port logistics data standards and platforms, streamlines cargo clearance procedures and comprehensively improves the regional cross-border trade and business environment.

The collective benefits of both projects include:

  • 30% improvement in comprehensive operation efficiency
  • 30% higher efficiency in customs clearance
  • 50% less construction cost on automatic terminal building
  • Safety hazards reduced by 50%
  • Carbon emissions of given operations reduced up to 90%
  • Social and economic benefits exceeding 10 billion yuan