Chennai Port – Championing community empowerment and sustainable growth

Chennai Port, established in 1881, has played a pivotal role in catalyzing regional growth, fostering trade, and driving commerce in India and beyond. Our commitment extends beyond commerce and trade, encompassing empowerment through education, community welfare and environmental sustainability.

Community Building and Education: In addition to the Port school, which has provided quality education to more than 50,000 students during its 5-decade legacy, Chennai Port recognized the need for a special school for autistic children. Thus, the Swabodhini School and Vocational Centre for Special Children was established. This innovative initiative currently benefits 24 autistic students, providing academic, social & life skills and therapeutic support. Through acceptance, understanding, and empowerment, the school positively impacts the broader community. To promote physical fitness, we have provided a full-sized stadium, basketball, tennis and volleyball courts and a community hall for cultural events and gathering. All these amenities are dedicated to the community for free of charge and made accessible to all, reflecting our commitment to inclusivity.

Socio-Economic development through Empowering Fishermen: Recognizing fishermen as vital maritime stakeholders, Chennai Port, under Government of India scheme, has undertaken a large modernization and upgrade project for the Chennai Fishing Harbour, one of the largest fishing harbours in India. It supports thousands of fishermen and shelters 2000+ boats. The development project aims to uplift the lives of tens of thousands of fishermen in the region.

Alignment with UN SDGs: Our Green Port Initiatives focus on environmental conservation and resource optimization. We actively partner with neighboring ports, especially Kamarajar Port at Ennore, for effective collaboration, shared best practices and planning.

The above reflect Chennai Port’s value-based commitment to community welfare, empowerment and sustainable growth, and set a global benchmark, resonating far beyond the harbor waters and enriching lives for a brighter and inclusive future for all.