Bilbao Port Authority – BilbOPS

BilbOPS is a strategic investment project drawn up by the Bilbao Port Authority for the electrification of wharves by deploying OPS (Onshore Power Supply) technology, with 11 connection points. This technology enables vessels with the right equipment to connect to the onshore power supply while they are berthed, disconnecting their diesel motors and reducing greenhouse gases up to 40%.

This is an ambitious and innovative project aiming to be self-sufficient in renewable energies, providing wind energy, wave energy and solar energy connected to OPS for own use. As a distinctive feature, the project includes a synergetic element consisting of a 4Gw/h photovoltaic plant located at the ferry and cruise terminal parking area and at the berth walls of Santurtzi and Zierbana to be connected to the OPS infrastructure through a smart grid management system.

The initiative requires an investment of EUR 51.8 million, part of which is being funded through the CEF Transport or The Recovery and Resilience Facility.

Bilbao Port’s OPS has a special character, as it is creating a Living Lab connected to Bilbao PortLab’s innovation ecosystem in which innovative solutions test their technologies. Being a project born through collaboration, it involves different initiatives like Basque Hydrogen Corridor BH2C, Movin’ON or Biscay Marine Energy Platform BIMEP, along with many other collaborating organizations (BilbOPS Forum: European Ports, Puertos del Estado, Ship Owners), frequently counting on public-private collaboration. This is also a step forward towards creating green corridors with other ports.

This is an initiative for the planet and for the people, as it will lead to direct improvements in living conditions of residents in the neighboring towns, passengers and workers at the port. This gets the Port of Bilbao closer to meeting the “Fit For 55” objectives of the European Commission and contributing to the port being the hub for clean energy and services.