Abu Dhabi Ports – mPCS Project

With the increasing demand for predictability, visibility, reliability and data transparency, it is essential to use technology effectively in order to facilitate trade and achieve greater economic and environmental impact. Technology that can enable efficient data exchange between all port community players is vital and necessary to ensure streamlined processes and port operations. This can be only achieved though seamless integration, and the adoption of the Single Window concept to increase efficiency. The Abu Dhabi Ports Single Window Portal (mPCS) – developed in 2014 and operated by Maqta Gateway® LLC – is the digital portal and virtual bridge connecting all entities involved in import and export trade transactions. mPCS offers sustainable and community-based services through a single point of contact that streamlines complex processes and operations.

With a corporate vision to ‘Digitally Facilitate Trade’ in UAE, Maqta Gateway – an Abu Dhabi Ports subsidiary – developed additional value-added solutions to complement mPCS with the aim to provide an overall unique and enhanced user experience, facilitating the trade of goods and movement of people, and contributing positively to the advancement of sustainable development in Abu Dhabi emirate. One of these value-added products is the mobile application- MANARA. It is the ‘digital lighthouse’ of Abu Dhabi Ports, providing vital information to the shipping community in tracking and tracing vessels and cargo at the fingertips and addresses the need for transparency in operations in an unprecedented way.

mPCS  is currently operational in 5 ports and 54 private jetties. Integrated with 20 shipping lines, it covers 100+ services from seaside to hinterland. It is the first solution in the Middle East to achieve PCS-to-PCS integration, and is connected with 3 single windows, and 11 ports in China, Belgium and Spain.

Through mPCS, the following trade values were set and achieved:

  1. Accelerating development and trade in the Abu Dhabi emirate
  2. Standardizing information exchange and messaging
  3. Increasing security and decreasing risks through increased transparency
  4. Reducing paperwork, administrative and processing times
  5. Providing a single point of contact and real-time information at any time of the day and anywhere via mobile devices

Overall, mPCS has successfully transformed the way of doing business by optimizing and digitizing the manual processes within the community. As of the end of 2018, the platform has saved the entire community a total of 76.8k man-days, 3.75 Million physical trips, 27.3 tons of CO2 emission, and AED 421.6 million (USD $115 million).